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Writing as Paul J. Teague

Work in progress ...

Left for Dead
Don't Tell Meg
Don't Tell Meg

Trilogy 1/3

Two women. One night. So many deaths ...

The Forgotten Children
The Forgotten Children

Trilogy 3/3

A childhood poisoned by betrayal. A revenge that can wait no more ...


Don't Tell Meg Trilogy
Don't Tell Meg Boxset [x3]

Books 1,2 & 3      

Best value! Buy all three books in the trilogy ...

The Murder Place
The Murder Place

Trilogy 2/3              

A missing wife. A former lover. A house that isn't yet done with death.

So Many Lies
So Many Lies


Coming in 2019! Families keep the deadliest secrets ... 

Don't Tell Meg Boxset [x2]

Books 2 & 3   

Better value! Buy the final two  books in the trilogy ...

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