Civil Emergency Public Information Film

In The Secret Bunker: Darkness Falls, Dan Tracy comments on the Civil Emergency public information films which show in the Secret Bunker cinema:

We found what must have been a mini cinema on our explorations, and inside they were showing Cold War films in black and white. Part of me wanted to laugh at these films, another part of me knew how deadly serious they were. They were explaining what to do in case of a nuclear attack. Men with really posh voices used phrases such as ‘Duck and cover’ and ‘Protect and survive’ and you’d see old-fashioned school children practising what to do when the bomb went off. It only struck me looking back how ominous the sound of the sirens had been in those old films.

This video gives you a taste of what was amusing him, as you'll see, it's pretty funny when viewed through 21st Century eyes, but there's still a really sinister message in there!