Many of the advertisements within websites operated by Clixeo are what are known as affiliate schemes.

They involve me advertising services and products on behalf of third parties, on a referral and/or commission basis.

If you click on an advertisement, banner or link within this website and then go on to make a purchase, I may take a referral commission.

This is a normal procedure within internet marketing websites.

You may, at any time, avoid my affiliate links and navigate directly to the site in question without triggering any remuneration.

Please note that you never pay more for a product as a consequence of affiliate referrals.

When I promote products on any of my websites I take great care to select items of which I either have personal experience or which I think will be of particular interest to my website users.

Most of the products I own and use myself, or I have personal ‘hands on' experience.

Some products which I recommend were used successfully in my earlier online career, but are not used now because I have had to move on to a more powerful service.

Web hosting is a good example of this, I recommend Hostgator for beginners and SiteGround for more experienced users.

These principles also apply to my podcast, where you may hear me enthusing about particular products or services.

I will only do that if I have first-hand experience of that product or service, if I do not, I will let my guests offer their own opinions.

I do my best to select podcast guests based on reputation and good-practice.

I do not promote or endorse products which I don't believe in, which come from third parties who provide poor service or which I do not feel will be of any benefit to users.

If I did this, it would impair my own reputation for honesty and integrity, and I value those attributes extremely highly.

Without a good reputation and sound judgement, I have no business.

If you wish to know what commissions are paid on any of the promotions within this website, please contact me and I will be very happy to supply that information, though as a rule, it's usually 50% of the purchase price.

Similarly, if you believe any of the products or services that I promote within this website to be of a poor quality please let me know so that I can reconsider its inclusion.

Finally, please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Please use the form at the top of this page to get in touch.

My aim is to be fair and above board at all times, to bring you only an excellent and fully transparent service which is trustworthy, credible, authoritative and reliable.

Best wishes,

Paul Teague