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Secret Dates In The Secret Bunker Trilogy

CalendarThere are a lot of specific dates in The Secret Bunker Trilogy, even though I made every effort not to place the main action at a specific point in time.

If asked when the story is set I would reply ‘A short time in the future where technology is pretty well the same as it is now, in our familiar world.'

However, I have used some specific dates in the timeline, and many of these were chosen because of their real-life significance.

Only as a reader of the full trilogy do yo get to see this information 🙂

23rd March 1983: This is really when President Ronald Reagan announced the Star Wars initiative.

You can see it here:

However, that was a special day for another reason for me.

It was my 18th birthday.

Coincidence or good fortune, it's funny that these events should end up figuring so highly in my life 32 years later when I started writing The Secret Bunker Trilogy 🙂

27th November 1983: This is when the fictional Global consortium document was signed in The Secret Bunker Trilogy.

However, in real life, it's actually the date that my wife and I started dating all those years ago at college.

We should have long forgotten it by now, but it's still a date that we celebrate every year, so it seemed fitting to work it into the book.

9th October 2000: This is the date that Kate and Simon experience their first ordeal in the Simulation Centre.

This date is my oldest child's birthday, but in the timeline, I couldn't work the right year in for birth date unfortunately.

July 10th 1999: This time, the year fitted in better with birth dates.

This is the date on which Davran Saloor is sent as an emissary to Earth.

It's also the date that my second child was born – funny how these coincidences work 😉

14th April 1990: In book 3, this is the date on which The Off-World Federation sanctioned the joint work between Earth, Zatheon and Helyios 4.

It's also, by complete coincidence, the date on which my wife and I got married.

3rd May 1969: This is the adoption date for the Pierce brothers, when they passed into the parental care of Andrew and Jean Pierce.

It is also the date of my older brother's birthday.

Hey, if you can't sneak a few special dates into your sci-fi/dystopian trilogy, what's the point of being an author? 🙂

Author Paul Teague and Secret Bunker part owner Peter Gordon
Author Paul Teague and Secret Bunker part owner Peter Gordon

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